Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct relate to the swimming program conducted by and on behalf of the Lindfield Public School P&C Association (“LPS P&C”). The program includes swimming squads, race events, dryland activities, holiday programs, “learn to swim” lessons and any other related activities, programs or events (“LPS Swimming Program” or “Program”).

These Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct apply to all participants in the Program, together with (if applicable) their parents/caregivers that may attend the LPS pool area from time to time.

  1. In the case of Program participants under the age of 18, I confirm that I am a parent, legal guardian or other authorised caregiver of the student to which this enrolment applies (“Student”).
  2. I agree to my Student’s participation in the Swimming Program and attendance in the pool area, and to follow any directions given by employees, agents and contractors of the LPS P&C (including swimming coaches) in connection with the Program (“Program Staff”).
  3. I acknowledge that Program Staff may remove a participant from the Program in the event of inappropriate or unsafe behaviour.
  4. I confirm that I am and my Student is in good physical condition and that there is no medical or other reason why the relevant participant is not capable of engaging in Program activities.
  5. I understand that, although the LPS P&C will attempt to minimise any risk of injury to me or my Student, I acknowledge that there is an inherent risk of personal injury in the various physical activities undertaken as part of the LPS Swimming Program, and I / my Student enter/s the pool area and participate/s in the Program at my/their own risk.
  6. I agree that the LPS P&C and Program Staff are not liable for any personal injury to me or my Student which occurs as a result of conducting Program activities.
  7. In the case of an emergency involving me / my Student, I authorise Program Staff to arrange for me / my Student to receive such medical treatment as deemed necessary by appropriate authorities.
  8. I agree to reimburse any costs incurred by the LPS P&C for any medical treatment required in the case of any such emergency.
  9. I agree that the LPS P&C and Program Staff are not liable for any loss, damage or theft of any property belonging to me or my Student.
  10. I authorise LPS P&C to use, disclose or relate to any relevant bodies such personal information that may be necessary to implement the rules, regulations, Codes of Conduct and policies of LPS P&C.
  11. Photography is not permitted by any persons during Learn-to-Swim lessons or swimming squads.
  12. I acknowledge that photography is only permitted during community events i.e. Friday night ‘Seahorses’ or the Lindfield Laps / Aquathon events or in the use of training development. I grant permission to LPS P&C to use my Student’s photograph and video, multimedia and/or likenesses of the Student captured swimming during Program events without payment and/or compensation to me. These items become the sole property of LPS P&C to use for any legitimate purpose, including, but not limited to, promoting, advertising, marketing activities and to assist in technique development during training.

Please email the Swimming Administrator at swimming@lpspandc.org.au if you do not want your child to be photographed or videoed or have concerns about this condition.

  1. I agree to participate in any fundraising activities LPS P&C implements as a required activity for the Program throughout the Program period.
  2. I agree that timekeeping and other support activities require parent participation and will help at meets, BBQs, Breakfast Club and on club nights when requested.
  3. I acknowledge that LPS P&C may cancel or suspend my Student’s enrolment in the Program or of individuals/families who do not meet the requirements of these Terms & Conditions or the Code of Conduct.


Parent/Guardian Declaration:

  1. I have read, understood, acknowledge and personally agree to the declarations above and the information provided in these Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.
  2. I warrant that all information provided to LPS P&C is true and correct.
  3. Where the Student is under 18 years of age, this application must be signed by the Student’s parent or legal guardian.
  4. As the parent or guardian of the Student, I agree to be responsible for the Student’s behaviour and agree to personally accept the conditions set out in these Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.


 Code of Conduct

  1. If your child does not attend a booked session for 2 consecutive weeks without an acceptable explanation, then you will lose your booking in that session.
  2. If your child arrives to swim in a session they are not booked in for, they will not be permitted to swim. The child will be asked to sit in the grandstand.
  3. If your child arrives late for their booked session, they will be asked to sit in the grandstand. Please ensure prompt arrival so that children can be prepared for their lesson or squad and begin on time.
  4. Absences should be notified in advance of missing a session. Sudden illness is an exception.
  5. If a child displays unacceptable behaviour during squads/lessons or whilst using the change rooms or whilst within the pool grounds, the following actions will be taken:

(a)  child will be given a warning and allowed to continue in the squad/lesson.

(b)  if unacceptable behaviour continues; child will be asked to exit pool and sit on bench beside pool. Parents will notified of the incident.

(c)  if unacceptable behaviour continues; meeting between coaches/parents. Parents will be asked to attend all sessions with child until behaviour improves.

(d) if unacceptable behaviour continues; child will be suspended from swimming until such time as good behaviour can be guaranteed by parents.

In most cases, actions beyond 5(a) are not required.

Consultation with parents is our first priority in every case.