2024 Strings Registration Form 2024 WAITLIST (NEW STUDENTS ONLY)

  • We strongly encourage families to support the LPS Instrument Bank. To help us with planning, please advise if you will be:
  • We strongly encourage our students to learn from one of our experienced LPS - based tutors. To help with planning please advise if:
  • Contact Details for 2024

    If yes, please fill in the details below.
  • Each ensemble requires one parent who act as the liaison between the Conductor, Committee and Parents to communicate just like a class parent.
  • Strings Committee runs solely on parent volunteers. We welcome anyone with any amount of time available to help the Committee. There are many jobs and roles which we can tailor to the amount of time you have available and your skill set.
  • Learning an instrument is a wonderful, enlightening and fun undertaking. It also has its challenges and is a commitment of time and money. To assist in the decision and planning process please note the requirements in your Information Pack to help your child with their musical journey. To assist parents with their most frequently asked questions around the commitment required, please review and acknowledge the information provided below to assist with better understanding the requirements of the music program. (Please note there are 2 semesters per year)
    Please review (& tick) all of the above items to confirm your understanding of the requirements and commitment required for the Strings program