2019 Junior Band Registration Form (New to Band in 2019 only)

  • We understand that some children and parents are deciding whether to join the Band and/or Strings program in 2019. It is our experience that the majority of children are unable to cope playing more than one instrument (although each year we have a small number of students who participate in both). If your child is currently in strings and intends to continue in 2019 or will trial the program for 2019, we will be in contact with you prior to allocating an instrument to your child to determine which program they will likely proceed with.
  • Contact Details for 2019

    If yes, please fill in the details below.
  • Each band has two parents who act as the liaison between the conductor, committee and parents to communicate upcoming band events, organise parent rosters and end of term parties etc. We need parent reps to help get books and bags organised before the commencement of JB rehearsals Mid term 1, 2019.
  • Band Committee runs solely on parent volunteers. We are looking for anyone with any amount of time available to help the committee. There are many jobs and roles which we can tailor to the amount of time you have available and your skill set.
  • Each rehearsal is required to have a parent helper present to assist the conductor with supervision of children and provide any other assistance that the conductor requires at the time. You will only be required to be on duty once or twice a year. Please select your preferred rehearsal day and time below. The parent rep will put together the roster in 2019.
  • Your child will be collected from their classroom on Friday 2nd of Nov to attend our instrument matching session. If at any time after this form is submitted (and particularly after attending the instrument matching session) you and your child decide that they will not be a part of Junior Band 2019 we would appreciate you advising us at band@lpspandc.org.au ASAP as withdrawals will have an impact on our instrument allocations for other members of the band.