Junior Band 2020 Registration

Welcome to Junior Band 2020!

Junior Band (JB) is the beginner band of Lindfield Public School. It consists mainly of year 3 students but is open to years 4-6 if older students would like to start in the band program. This registration is for students who are currently in years 2 to 5 at LPS and are new to the band program. 

We will be holding a JB 2020 Information Evening in the school hall on Monday 21st October from 6pm for all interested students and parents. Come along to hear our Stage Band and Woodwind Ensemble perform and listen to each of the band instruments as they are played by current band students. Conductors and band committee members will be present to answer your questions.

Instrument Matching Day on Friday 1st of November. At the instrument matching day students will have a chance to try out various instruments and will be matched up with an instrument that suits them.

Once your child has attended the instrument matching day, they are a member of JB 2020!

Band Program Overview

Lindfield Public School has an extensive and highly regarded band program that was established in 1979. All children joining the program are allocated an instrument, have a weekly half hour individual lesson and participate in two band rehearsals per week. The majority of children commencing in Junior band are in year 3, however all children in years 3-6 in 2020 are invited to participate. For the past few years, approximately 50% of year 2 children have signed up to participate in the band program the following year.

The band program is run solely by parent volunteers as a sub committee of the P&C. They engage qualified conductors to lead the bands, and qualified instrument tutors to provide lessons on school premises.

The instruments comprising each of our bands are flute, clarinet, saxophones, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone, euphonium, tuba and percussion.

Through music, children can find a way to channel their energy and ability into something purposeful and creative. The benefits of the program are highlighted in recent feedback from current band parents

“[my son] joined LPS in Term 2. Joining band helped him settle in and make new friends…”

“I cannot rate this program highly enough…it’s so enriching for the life of my daughter…”

“the bands all sound amazing. Two rehearsals a week is hard work, but gee they sound good. The conductors are passionate and dedicated…”

“the program is completely inclusive, teaches the children a love of music… creates a beautiful social environment, fosters school spirit, school pride and enormous self confidence…”

Further Information

Please see below to find out more about the program. If you would like further information, please have a look at our hand book on our website or contact the co-convenors by email at band@lpspandc.org.au

The LPS band program is comprised of 4 bands.

Children generally commence in Junior Band (JB) in year 3, and usually progress to Intermediate Band (IB) the following year, and subsequently, by audition, to the most senior ensemble Concert Band (CB).

Stage Band (SB) is our Jazz band and CB members are invited to audition depending on their instrument.

Once your child is registered online, they will participate in the Instrument Matching Day that we conduct in the school hall.

This will be held on Friday 1st November during school hours.

At this event, students have an opportunity to hold and try make a sound on a number of different instruments, under the expert guidance of a team of specialist tutors. The tutors will assess each student’s disposition and physical suitability to the instrument (i.e. reach, posture, coordination, teeth and mouth-shape, capacity to form the appropriate embouchure, etc.).

The event is overseen by our Musical Director, who also meets and chats with every student once they have completed the circuit to find out what felt ‘right’ to them and sounded the best to their ears – often students are surprised at how their own preconceived preferences can evolve dramatically throughout the Matching Day!  So it’s best to come in with an open mind.

No preparation is required.

Following the Matching Day, the Musical Director reviews all of the information collected about each student who attended and participated. The band program aims to achieve a “balanced” band, with the right mix of all instrument, just like ingredients in a receipt, parts in a play, or positions on a sports team. The better the balance of the band, the netter the experience for everyone.

The three main factors that are considered when determining a final ‘match’ for each student are:

  1. Students’ suitability to the unique requirements of each particular instrument, as per the specialist tutors; professional advice
  2. Students’ own preferences that they give to the Musical Director at the end of their circuit
  3. Balance and needs of the band as a whole.

Where the Musical Director believes a student is well suited to a particular instrument but may have some personal reservations about that allocations, the Musical Director will discuss this with parents prior to confirming the band’s final line-up.

Instrument hire is available for the following instruments only.

  • Alto & Tenor Saxophone
  • French Horn
  • Tuba
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium & Baritone

Students allocated the clarinet, flute or the trumpet will need to purchase (or hire externally) their own instrument

Percussion students will be expected to own their own drum sticks, timpani mallets, and glockenspiel/ xylophone mallets all kept in a stick-bag. They will also need to hire / own their own glockenspiel, drum pad and eventually a drum kit.

In addition to the twice-weekly band rehearsals, all children enrolled in the band program must have one half hour individual music lesson per week with a specialist tutor for their instrument.

The band committee offers a tutorial program that puts students in contact with a specialist instrument tutor who provides lessons on school premises – making it possible for students to have their private 30 min lesson on weekdays after school in LPS classrooms. (First session beginning at 3:30pm and last session finishing at 6:30pm)

Your allocated tutor will be in contact in early February 2020 to arrange a mutually convenient day and time. Preference is given to JB students for an earlier tutorial times where possible. Arranging a mutually convenient day and time can be difficult as the program has over 180 members to schedule tutors for. We appreciate your flexibility and ability to compromise where necessary, as not every student will be able to be allocated their preferred tutorial day and time.

Although it is a requirement to have the private tuition, families do not have to sign up with the tutors organised through the band program and are welcome to arrange the tutorial with an external tutor should you prefer. However, we ask that your selected tutor be willing to teach to the requirements of our Conductors, use the same music book used by our Bands, and provide their contact details to the tutor coordinator so that necessary information can be passed onto external as well as internal tutors. Please advise us if this will be the case for your child.

In 2019,  the internal LPS tutors fees were $40 per half hour. This is subject to change in 2020 to better reflect the market for our tutors.

Each band rehearse one morning before school (7:30-8:50am) and one afternoon after school (3-4:15pm) in the school hall.

Rehearsals for JB 2020 will be a Morning rehearsal on FRIDAY mornings and Afternoon rehearsal on WEDNESDAY afternoons. Every member who join JB will be required to attend BOTH sessions each week.

The band program operates on a Non-profit basis and is funded through band fees paid by participating students.

The cost for a child in Junior Band in 2020 is yet to be finalised and will increase in 2020 to better reflect the cost but in 2019, it was as follows:

  • Band Fees: $528 (incl GST) per year paid in 2 installments (Term 4, 2019 & Term 3, 2020)
  • Music Camp Fees: $370 (incl GST) for 2 days, 1 night
  • Tutorial Fees: $40 per lesson (approximately $400 per term, $1600 for the year) Payable to tutors within first 2 weeks of each term
  • Instrument Hire fees (if hiring an instrument) – $220 per year paid in 2 installments (Term 1, 2020 & Term 3, 2020)
  • Instrument Hire BOND (if hiring an instrument for the first year) – $150 (no GST) Payable Term 1, 2020 upon collection of the hire instrument. Bond will be refunded when the child leaves the band program or instrument hire is no longer required, and the hired instrument is returned in an acceptable condition

Band fees pays for conductors fees, purchase of music and instruments, instrument repairs & maintenance, purchase of equipment and the cost of band participation in events and tours. Band fees are not refunded when your child leaves the band program during the semester (half year).

Every attempt is made to keep band fees as low as possible to ensure the band program remains accessible to all interested and committed students. Confidential fee assistance is available in case of genuine financial hardship. Please contact band@lpspandc.org.au to discuss further with band convenors should you require such assistance.

Key Dates:

Thursday 17th October

Year 2 assembly with performance by CB

Monday 21st October 6-7pm

Junior Band Information Evening

Wednesday 3oth October

Registration closes for Junior Band 2020

Friday 1st November (school hours)

Instrument Matching Day

Friday 22nd November 

Instrument allocation completed / enrollment payments* open

Friday 29th November

Enrollment payments due to secure your spot and allocated instrument

Prior to Term 1 2020

Arrange instrument purchase or hire

Early February 2020

Tutors to contact and arrange tutorial day / time

Term 1, week 3 

Tutorials commence

Term 1, week 5

JB Rehearsals commence

(* Enrollment payments are JB2020 Term1&2 fees + Music camp deposit + Books and bag costs)