The annual Music Camp is a fantastic opportunity for students to refine their playing skills and there is an expectation that all students will be in attendance. Students will enjoy small group tutorials with specialist tutors and intensive rehearsal schedule.

There is hard work involved but it’s also a fun time for the children that has been well received in all years we have been running it. The children will also be participating in a wide selection of outdoor activities that have been designed with the various age groups in mind and encourage both teamwork and skills development. The evening entertainment is always a blast and is a good break from all the concentration during the day!

2018 LPS Music Camp – Note to Parents

Need the permission form? DOWNLOAD YOUR FORM HERE. Music Camp Permission Form

Please return the attached forms to Strings or Band Box by Tuesday 22nd May, 2018


    Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation

  • WHO

    All children in the Band and Strings program

  • WHEN

    Sunday 17 – Tuesday 19 June, 2018

    CB and Bachaldi (year 5 and 6 only) (2 nights, 2.5 days) 4pm Sunday 17 June to 4:45pm Tuesday 19 June

    IB & JB (1 night, 2 days) 6:20am Monday 18 June to 4:45pm Tuesday 19 June

    Year 3&4 Amadeus, Bach & Vivaldi (1 night, 2 days) 6:40am Monday 18 June to 4:45pm Tuesday 19 June

    All Mozart and K-2 Bach & Amadeus (1 day) 6:40am to 5:30pm Monday 18 June

Registering Your Child for Camp

Please return the Music Camp Permission Form after you have completed the Online Medical From and made Payment by Tuesday 22nd of May to the appropriate Band or Strings locked box.

Camp Costs – Online Payment due by 5pm Tuesday 22nd May

We are always looking to improve the camp outcomes for our children but also try to keep the costs down. Following last year’s camp, we have acted on many of the recommendations received which has incurred some slight increases in costs. For example, in 2018 the children will enjoy improved morning and afternoon teas, additional transport back to LPS from the venue (junior strings), a healthy snack prior to boarding the early morning buses at LPS, broader activities and some other inclusions.

  • Year 5-6 CB and Bachaldi $390 (2 nights, 2.5 days)
  • Year 3-4 IB, JB, Amadeus, Bach and Vivaldi $345 (1 night, 2 days)
  • All Mozart and all K-2 Amadeus and Bach $190 (1 day plus return transport)

Cash and cheques will not be accepted. Please select your payment group from below and make payment through this website.

Please note that any outstanding monies for instrument hire, or ensemble fees, must be paid along with camp fees. Failure to comply may result in your child being excluded from camp.

All costs include GST

Arrival at Camp

CB and Bachaldi (year 5 and 6 only) 4pm Sunday 17 June

Students need to be at Narrabeen by 4pm by private transport. Drop off is located at the Outdoor Ed Office which is at the top of the hill.


IB & JB – 6:20am Monday 18 June @ LPS Pool Playground

All K-4 Strings (Vivaldi, Back, Amadeus and Mozart) 6:40am Monday 18 June @ LPS Pool Playground

All Departure on Monday morning will be from LPS via a bus. Please assemble at LPS Pool Ground for checking in, administration and medical updates.

It is preferable that your child has eaten breakfast prior to getting to schoo, although we will be providing a warm snack and drink prior to boarding the bus from school. Please do not partk outside the hall on Monday morning.

Lunch will be provided at the camp, so there is no need to pack lunch.



All medicines should be in original packaging and clearly marked with your child’s name, together with instructions on the prescribed dosage and frequency. Children with medication will need to hand medication to the teacher in charge either at arrival at Narrabeen (Bachaldi and CB on Sunday afternoon) or during the Monday morning check in process at LPS Pool Playground (before boarding the bus) for the remaining groups. Puffers
must be sighted by that teacher.

Return Transport

JB, IB, CB, and Year 3-6 Vivaldi, Bach & Amadeus children

Parents will need to arrange transport home for their children after the concert on Tuesday evening, due to conclude at approximately 4:45pm.

All Mozart and K-2 Bach & Amadeus children

A bus with a teacher and some parent helpers will bring the children back to Lindfield Public School on Monday 18th June. The bus is due to arrive at LPS around 5:30pm in Grosvenor Road. Parents are to pick their children up from the Pool Playground at school at this time.


Please review / fill out “Travel Home Form” if the parent or guardian registered with the Band / Strings Committee will NOT be the person collecting your child.

Parents’ Help at Camp

The Camp is organised and run by the P&C Band & Strings Committees, who are all parent volunteers. Whilst some teachers are present, we cannot run the camp without a significant number of parent helpers.

Please review the attached link and choose which your preferred session to volunteer in.
Without volunteers, the camp cannot run as well as it has in the past and the children’s enjoyment is likely to be reduced accordingly.
We always need parents (and Dads) to stay overnight.
Please go to the link below and fill in your details.

Please also complete the medical consent forms for the Narrabeen venue. If you are only attending for a couple of hours without any onsite meals, categorise yourself as OTHER. If you are staying longer or overnight with meals, categorise yourself as STAFF/TEACHER

Working With Children checks and/or 100 poijt ID verification will be required for volunteers.

NB: Parents who are sleeping / supervising overnight will do so in twin share, ensuite rooms adjacent to the children’s dorms. This has always proven to be quite an enjoyable evening for those who have participated in the past.

Medical & Consent Forms – MANDATORY

All participants (children / adults) attending the camp must complete a medical and consent form prior to attending.

The information that the venue needs about you includes:

Medical conditions
Food related allergies and special diets
Medication and emergency contact details
Media consent

The medical and consent form is available online and is easy to complete. 


Please go to the following webpage to enter your child’s details under the category Participant – Child
Booking number: 522525
Booking start date: 17/06/2018 (please note that this date must be entered for all students)
Booking venue: Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation

End of Camp Concerts

sydney academy

Vivaldi, Ravel, Bach (including yr 3-6 Amadeus), JB, IB, CB and SB will perform a concert on Tuesday afternoon commencing at 3.15pm.

Parents/families are welcome to attend this popular concert. Each year we are amazed at the childrens’ musical progress, which is achieved in only a couple of days. Please walk to the top of the hill where the Outdoor ED office is located. This year the concert will be in the dining hall at the top of the hill (as it was in 2017).

There will be no parking at the top of the hill and parents should park around the oval and walk up to the concert. Less mobile adults should be driven to the top of hill and then the cars parked around the oval.


Please note: There will not be an end of camp concert for Mozart and K-2 in Amadeus & Bach at Narrabeen this year. Instead we will hold open rehearsals at LPS in the weeks after the camp. More details will be emailed via the strings group representatives closer to the time.


Children will be allocated rooms with their year groups. Please advise us of any rooming issues that will help us ensure everyone gets a good night sleep.

Children who misbehave at night/keep others awake/leave the rooms will have their parents rung to be picked up. Please explain this to your children!

PACKING LIST for Years 3-6 staying overnight

Overnight Bag – as small as possible – no big suitcases please. School bags work well.

  • Warm, casual, comfortable clothing – Please ensure all clothes are clearly labelled.

Not school uniform

  • A spare pair of shoes/runners
  • Sleeping bag and pillow case OR bed sheets and pillowcase Narrabeen supplies pillows, doonas and blankets
  • Warm PJs or tracksuit for bed
  • Towel and toiletry items (toothbrush, soap, deodorant if needed – no aerosols)
  • A Folding music stand – These will be collected at rehearsals the week before. – Please label as it will be shared around – do not bring covers, they will be lost!

Day Bag – we suggest you use your NAMED music bag

  • Sun hat and sun screen (we supply a fleece beanie to every child)
  • Wet weather gear /school raincoat
  • Your instrument, music, pencil and eraser, spare reeds
  • Lip cream, water bottle.
  • If you child has a larger instrument that they are unable to carry themselves, please supply a clearly named trolley. Label the trolley as well.

What NOT to bring

  • No torches, iPods, mobile phones, Gameboys, PSPs etc are to be brought to camp
  • ABSOLUTELY No external food, lollies, junk food or soft drink are to be brought to camp.

Your child needs to be able to carry and manage his/her own bags. The Narrabeen site is sprawling and hilly. If possible, try to consolidate all of their overnight gear and sleeping bag into 1 easy to manage bag that they can carry. It will be a lot easier for them. We suggest you put everything out on a bed then let the child pack the bag so they know the contents.

LABEL LABEL LABEL!   Just use a marker pen – socks, jocks, the lot! We can’t return lost items without names. Gold pens work well on black items. Coloured Ribbons tied onto bags.